Saturday, March 17, 2012

metro pcs forgot password pattern unlock hard reset for samsung admire r720

if you lock yourself out
if you forgot the lock pattern
if you forgot your lock code
the only way to fix it is perform a master /hard reset on the device
which will wipe all the data on the device other than what's save on the memory card
your pictures, song, videos only..

  1. power off the phone
  2. hold the back arrow,volume down key, power key at the same time
  3. keep holding until a black screen with yellow letters will show on the screen
  4. use the volume buttons to find factory reset.
  5. press home key to confirm
  6. the phone will reset back to as if it was a brand new phone
  7. start over from scratch
  8. you will need to recreate a gmail id and password. maybe you want to write it down this time.
  9. good luck!!